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1 Player Upright Multicade Full Wrap Monitor LED Buttons And Joysticks

LED BACKLIGHTING ON MACHINE FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE: Add White LED Backlighting (+$120.00) Add Red LED Backlighting (+$120.00) Add Blue... LED BACKLIGHTING ON MACHINE FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE: Add White LED Backlighting (+$120.00) Add Red LED Backlighting (+$120.00) Add Blue LED Backlighting (+$120.00) Add Black LED Backlighting (+$120.00) The 1 Player 60 Game Multicade has 60 of the classic retro games such as Pacman, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Galaga and more. Available in this full color multicade wrap is your choice of color in the wrap and header and buttons with an available upgrade options of Monitor Upgrade to 32", LED buttons/LED Joystick and LED backlighting for the game if you prefer. The full multicade graphics wrap has some of your favorite characters from the retro games on the design. This 1 player upright multicade is sure to be eye catching with the colorful multicade wrap. Hours of fun for both the retro gamer, family and guests to enjoy. DIMENSIONS:24.5" Length x 24.75" Width x 71.5" Height 1. Choose one of the 4 multicade color headers that are available in blue, green, red or black. blue green red black 2. Choose your multicade full wrap color between blue, green, red or black. blue green red black 3. Choose what color of trim molding that you prefer between black, bright red, dark blue, bright green.  4. Choose normal joystick colors between black, red, royal blue, bright green. If you choose the LED joystick upgrade choose between white, red, blue, green, yellow (amber/gold) or multi color changing. 5. Choose your button colors between black, red, blue, yellow, orange and green. You may choose up to 3 different colors to go with but label in order of color preference. If you choose the LED button upgrade choose 3 different colors in order of color preference between white, red, blue, yellow, orange and green.   6. White is usually reserved for the start or 1/2 player button but if you choose that you want to change this out with another color please let us know.  7. Choose the screen size. 20" is the standard size but available upgrade to 32" vertical screen at and additional fee. Write your preferences to each of the sections. Please include email and contact name and number also. Since alot of custom design configuration is available we want to help you enjoy the process of designing your our wrap and colors and this will help better outline your requests to our design team.   1 year manufacturers warranty Shipping is for the continental US only and is only for curbside delivery. Driver must be able to access the area to deliver as possibly may require delivery by tractor trailer. See Lucky Fin shipping Terms and Conditions for more shipping information if nee View more

Sale price$3,195.00 USD
Monitor Size: 20" Monitor
Full Graphic Wrap Color: Black
LEd Option: LED Buttons and Joysticks Yes

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